Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is it Sunday yet?

Well, my official work week is over, but there's no R & R in my near future, nosiree.
Tomorrow is the convention thingy. I'm sure it'll be entertaining enough, but it's not like I'm with my old co-worker friends where we'd giggle and talk shit about people and try to get each other in trouble and it would be an all-day party. No. Strangely enough they're having a business lunch thing tomorrow too - for four years in a row the company has been invited to the Best Places to Work in Tampa lunch (and always comes away with an award) and I can assure whomever that yes, it really was the best place to work. Damn it. But, whatever - looking on the bright side because that's what I do, we get breakfast, lunch and released at 4:00.

Brian informed me this afternoon that we, along with his brother, sister-in-law and step-sister are taking his parents out to eat Friday night for their anniversary. That's fine but certainly not my first choice for how to spend a Friday night. His brother and family are staying overnight (they live four hours away in Atlanta) and Saturday is George's birthday so they're staying until the evening so we can have a cook-out. Wow. That's a whole heaping lot of family time, dude.

And I must be on good behavior. His brother's wife isn't my favorite. She's falls into the sterotype of Sweet Southern Girl who is Black-heartedly Evil in her Soul. When Brian told his brother he was going to propose to me, his brother knew Julie would flip out, so he quickly gave her a ring and they made sure to plan their wedding four months earlier than ours. Before they got married she was all about spending time with his family (securing her spot) but literally stopped all that after the deal was done.

She comes from a large family in a small town in Georgia where she is the youngest of six kids. They are with her family constantly; her mom was of course there for the births of both her babies, whereas Brian's mom had to wait a couple of weeks for an invitation because "Julie is too tired for company." His brother has confided in Brian that "She has a temper," as in, greeting him at the door after a twelve hour day at work by heaving a large heavy object at his head because she was pissed at him for working late. He ducked and it hit the neighbor's front door (they lived in an apartment at the time). Another time they were driving down the interstate arguing about something and she expressed her displeasure by punching him in the balls. And he was driving - I could understand if he was in the passenger seat, but that's putting everyone's lives in danger! Kidding. In my mind, there's no excuse for a punch in the balls. No excuse.

And there's the, you know, little fact that she has the two little boys. Not that my pure heart would ever be jealous over anything like that, right? His brother told him today she's been pressuring him to have another one, because they're the only ones in her family who only have two. Excuse me, I'm sorry - my vision just became temporarily impared from the blood shooting out of my eyes.

I think I'll bring my camera. It'll be a good chance to get some family pictures, plus this way I can post a picture blog and mock everything. That will make it all not only bearable, but fun even. As long as I can amuse myself, I'll be a-okay.

The only other thing going on right now is I'm really close to taking another preg test. I don't know exactly when yet, but if I keep not bleeding like this, it's going to happen soon. Funny how a certain test result would make all these little annoyances just up and Poof! Disappear.

Happy Earth Day!


Anonymous said...

WHAT?!?!? No e-mailing throughout the day with Kee-Yim?!?!?!?!

That IS a lot of family togetherness. That makes me kind of...anxious and I don't even have to be there.

I'm not sayin' a word about nothin' else until I hear from you.

Shari said...

Happy Earth Day! Leila and I planted a Jasmine today in honor. We just did the big family weekend last weekend with it being my mother-in-law's 75th B-day, and I am glad to have nothing going this weekend except laundry and books and gardening.

I had to laugh at the Zonk reference. I don't remember how it goes either, you would have to ask Scotty, but I do think I still have a video tape (VHS, of course!) of all of us playing it. OMG.

LL Cool Joe said...

Have you noticed that the sweet, cute, goodie-two shoes types are often stroppy, nasty and totally manipulative underneath? I have a sister in law like that. Looks like an angel, but don't mess with her because she'd not only kick you in the balls but take a sharp kitchen knife to them and make you eat them for dinner too.

Hungry? :D

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows someone like your sister in law- I think they are the scariest kind of person you could ever meet. And what is with the domestic violence??? Your brother in law would be well shot. Noone deserves that!

Hope you can get through the family stuff...

crisitunity said...

I KNOW THOSE SOUTHERN WOMEN. Shudder. As I understand it there's a breed of them in L.A. too.

Good luck to you, honey.

Taoist Biker said...

There are women like that everywhere, Southern ones just appropriate that disgustingly saccharine gloss as a shield, behind which they concoct their evil schemes.

Solution? When they raise the shield, go for the knees.

Michelle said...

Just wanted to say i love your blog. I sit here silently reading and don't comment. But just wanted you to know I'm here. I love your take on life, your honesty is refreshing in this world so full of shit!

Kim said...

Hi Michelle; you just made my day - thank you!