Friday, June 12, 2009

New venture

Ahhhhhh, Friday. If there's a better day of the week I'd like to hear it. Work is casual dress and laid back, the promise of a new weekend lies before us like a neverending adventure wonderland...sorry. I think some endorphins have finally started releasing due to the three consecutive days of exercise.

Which brings me to my point. I realize when it comes to diet and/or exercise NO ONE is interested in hearing about your martyr-like sacrifices and exciting accomplishments, except for maybe other people who are also into it at the same time. I have noticed though, right now there are other people in the same boat as I am. As she sometimes does, Laura read my mind the other day and approached me with the idea of starting a separate blog for ourselves and anyone else who might be interested in reading and/or sharing stories of the hell we're all going through (voluntarily!) right now. So I guess what I'm asking is for some feedback and she's going to do the same. Would you be interested in being friends-in-pain with us? I think it would be a great way of holding myself a little more accountable and also I AM one of those freaks who likes hearing about people's struggles and successes with this. If you wanna play, let one or both of us know about it. We're still in the very early planning stages. This is going to be so much fun! And also this will prevent me from turning this blog into something even more monotonous than it already is. Whew, close one! And now I'm starting to think maybe I'll be able to go outside this summer after all.

Other than that, I'm slightly freaked out that Sister & Brother-in-law are getting on a plane tonight for an eight hour (direct, thank God) flight to London. Besides when my dad went to Germany in the late 70's, this is the farthest anyone in my direct family unit has ever gone and I'm going to be very happy when I hear from her tomorrow morning, knowing she's safe on the ground. We talked for a long time last night and I let her know that while I'm jealous of many things regarding her trip, I think the thing that kills me most of all is that for the next week, she's going to get to hear that accent all day every day. I swear. And she agreed - that just would never get old. I also told her if she happens to find King's Cross Station and Platform 9 3/4 and makes it onto the Hogwarts Express, I'm never speaking to her again. Just to be clear.

On that note, Cheerio, mates! Here's to a brilliant weekend.


Anonymous said...

Ya beat me, doc! :D

Kim said...

That's only because I live in Eastern Standard Time!

Anonymous said...

Saturday is a way better day of the week. No getting up for work and dressing at all is optional. :)

Have fun with your joint venture, you two!

Anonymous said...

Write about your stuff here...don't start a whol eother blog for this. How much time do you have?

Kim said...

Heather - Saturday is fine. But I've always been the type to enjoy the anticipation way more than the actual event. I know.

MTAE - I say if we have time to exercise, we have time to click the mouse a few times and type. And yes, I do have a lot of free time.