Monday, September 29, 2008

A particularly manic Monday

You ever have one of those days where you finally, finally sit down on the couch at 7:45 p.m. because you just got home and go, "What the fuck just happened?" Hi, welcome to my day.
It started off my a very upsetting phone call from my sister telling me our grandmother who is 92 years old had a stroke last night and is now unable to communicate and mostly unconscious. She lives in a nursing home, but I hate to even call it that, because I've been there several times, and this place is so amazing, with wonderfully kind people who work there and who love my grandmother...the only bright spot of this whole thing is that she's being cared for there instead of in some impersonal, unfriendly and sterile hospital. What followed though, were many phone calls and emails with family members in between a hugely busy work day, all while trying to keep the crying private. Contrary to popular belief, I don't enjoy crying in public, especially not at work. There's been no change with her as of this evening and I'm really not expecting to hear any news, good or bad, for the next few days.

So yeah, then work. Because of our state's fantastic planning, the gas shortage is sort of dragging on, which directly affects my job because my job is event planning for state employees who have to travel to attend our events. Several of my trainings for this week were cancelled, but because people don't check their emails, voicemails or pay attention in general, they didn't get the notification and showed up down in Charleston to a training that wasn't happening. Eleven of them. Mass chaos ensued.

Brian. Usually we talk once or twice during the day just to say hi or whatever, but today he called no less than six times. I love the man dearly, but without me he would be unable to complete many of life's mundane and/or bureaucratic tasks. He needed to renew his tags and driver's license but needed me for copies of our insurance cards, directions to the tax office, etc. And, since the stock market decided to take another spectacular shit today, he called several times just to discuss that. The last time, when I answered the phone with a terse "YES?" instead of my usual "Hey, baby," he realized he was on my last Jew nerve and apologized. I love talking to my man normally, just not when I'm having DAYS LIKE TODAY.

Which brings me to...yeah. Have you heard about what went down on Wall Street today? If not, crawl out from the rock you're currently under and take a peek. It's not pretty. I jokingly asked my Manhattanite cousin if I should be worried, expecting a joke and a laugh and he just responded in a very short email that said, "Be afraid." Great! I still maintain that because we have no sort of investments or any savings to speak of, we'll actually be okay for the time being...that is until gas really does go to eight bucks a gallon and I have to take out a Pay Day Loan to buy the week's groceries. But I don't have time to deal with that now - I'll worry about that next week when it actually happens.

Last but certainly not least. Went to a doctor's appointment after work. You know how when you go and they make you get on the scale no matter what you're there for? Well, the number I saw can only be described as "disgusting." Out of curiosity I asked the nurse how much weight I'd put on since my first visit there ten months ago, and she hesitated before telling me...26 pounds. TWENTY-SIX FUCKING POUNDS. So. I guess my little step machine and Jillian's Thirty Day Shred dvd? Yeah, well I suppose I'll actually have to start using them both on a regular basis along with limiting the amount of shit I stuff in my food hole. Kelley blogged about starting back on the South Beach diet which worked for her (and many other people) before, but my love for carbs pretty much ranks up there with my love of breathing, so I know that's not an option for me. My thing has always been a simple equation: expend many more calories than what I inhale. For the love of God.

So! How was YOUR day?

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